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VARNAN! Heidinn Vikingr Skogarmadr Klaedi, Silfr,
Gjofar eda Ofridr Hervapn

Jewelry, Armor, Clothing, Battle Gear and Accessories. Swords, Helms, torques, drinking horns and more. Authentic museum reproduction and Modern Interpretation Design Jewelry and Crafts.

For Norseman made by Norsemen.

Check out the "Next Stop Valhalla" and "Norse Force" T-shirts Jewelery, Viking, Warrior, Celtic, Barbarian and Heathen Wear.

Viking-Gear.Com triumph the culture, faith and heritage of the Ancient Germanic, Frisian and Scandinavian tribes.
The highest tribute goes to the Great Heathen Hero RADBOD. A Loyal Odinist and Frisian King that fought long and hard against Charlemanges push across Frisia in a land grab and conversion onslaught of the Heathen Tribes with his misguided Franks as his strong arm. Radbod resisted and defeated Charlemanges forces in 817ce but then Radbod was defeated in 819ce. Radbod slowed his advance long enough to prevent Charlemange from conquering Denmark and Scandinavia as he died before this could have been attempted. HAIL RADBOD! HEATHEN HERO!

Also special honors to the Cheruski, an ancient Germanic tribe of "Barbarians" that wiped out 3 Roman Legions to the last man in the Battle of Tuetoburgh Forest in the year 9 c.e. They sacrificed any remaining survivors to Odin the God of War in Honor of their Victory including the horses.The Cheruscan Leaders name was Arminius, he was trained as an officer in the Roman Army hence his name and he was the son of the tribe Chief; He may have been who the Legend of Siegfried (German) Sigurd (Norse) may have been based. The Battle Standard of the Decimated Legions was the Dragon. Sigurd was the Dragon Slayer of Legend. He never forgot his people and returned to them to payback the Romans for their tyranny of the folk. See what happens when you train your foe that you do not know! Augustus cried "Give me back my Legions!" Ha Ha Ha!!

We welcome all descendants of the Goths, Vandals, Russ, Saxon, Nordic, Scandinavian, Angles, Woads, Highlanders, Frisians and Baltic peoples all around the world. Dedicated to preserving Our Ancient Heathen Faith, Symbols, Culture and Ethnic Heritage. Next Stop Valhalla!.

500 Years before Columbus discovered sailed by North America the Norsemen
actually landed on the shores of America, and guess what?

We re still here!

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