Viking-Gear Maces Spears Page4
Heidinn Vikingr Skogarmadr Ofridr Hervapn

Heavy duty big spiked ball mace
Solid heavy 6+ inch spiked ball mace
measures approx 2 feet long.
mega mace big spiked ball mace solid
AXES4-1 $50.00

Viking 6 foot Spear(Bardagi Spjot)
Poll Weapon Lance, Missle. Viking spear measures over 6 feet long.
Solid, 2 sections screw together. Pole leather wrapped at balance point.
Viking spear
AXES4-2 $50.00

Huge Spiked Skull Pole Mace
The Skull Crusher BIG Spiked Skull Pole Mace.
Measures approx. 27 inches long. 2 inch long steel spikes. 7 in skull
Heavywieght approx 10lbs
skull crusher huge spiked skull pole mace
AXES4-3 $60.00

Big Spiked Chain Mace
Spiked chain Mace. 6 inch overall spiked ball.
Measures approx. 48 inches long extended. 2 foot handle.
huge spiked ball chain and pole mace
AXES4-4 $50.00

One ball spiked mace
One spiked ball mace with wood handle. Approx. 2 feet long extended.
chained ball spiked battle mace
AXES4-5 $15.00

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