Viking-Gear Helmets 1

Viking Horned Helmet, Nordic God Winged Helmets, Thor Winged Helmet, Odin and Viking Chieftain.
New Helm designs added often. Check back soon. Built for Barbarians and Vikings
with help from Wayland. USA Artisan made Viking, Goth, Saxon and Barbarian Warrior Helmets.

Viking Masked Helmet
Steel masked helmet.
Measures 9in x 8in inside, fits up to XL Unlined.
Viking masked Helmet
HELMS1-1 $60.00

Thor Winged Helmet
Fits all, full size. Stainless steel wings.
Inside measures 9 inches front to back 8.5 inches side to side.
Thor future 3000 Helm
HELMS1-2 $110.00

Viking Helmet with guards
Polished steel helm with nose and neck guard.
Fits up to X Large head/hat size. Unlined.
HELMS1-3 $90.00

Add Horns to above
Add horns to the above helmet option.
HELMS1-4 $25.00

Norse God Winged Helm
Steel Helm with brass trim and spike.
Comes with white black tipped Eagle Wings.
White or Brown wings also offered.
State choice when ordering.
Will fit up to 7 3/4 or XL hat size
Norse God Winged Helm

Viking Engraved Masked Helm with Maille
Steel helm with maille neck guard ear gueards and engraved brass mask.
volsung helmet

Volsung Helm

Steel Helm with engravings and brass accents.
Will fit up to an X large head.
Will fit 7 3/4 + or 24 + inch head no problem

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