Viking Gear Accessories 1 Viking Drinkin and Battle Horns.
No Vikings Gear is complete without Horns.

Dragon Head shot glass.
Dragon Head shot glass.Highly Detailed Solid Pewter Dragon Head
with Blue Glass. We just dont drink Mead you know! Limited.
Great Gift! Measure approx. 4 inches.
viking dragon shot glass2 viking dragon shot glass2
GEAR1-1 $74.99

Viking Relic Spoon.
Pewter Viking King Spoon.
Measures 6 inches long. Made in Norway and approved by FDA for food use. Lead Free.
viking king relic spoon from norwayviking king relic spoon  2 from norway
GEAR1-2 $39.99 One left.

Dragon Drinking Mug.
Fully decorated with dragon reliefs and viking/celtic symbols,
this mug will bring out the true warrior in you. 5 1/2in x 3 7/8in x 4 3/8in.
From scandinavia.
viking celtic dragon drinking goblet mug cup

Table top drinking horn.
An upright sitting table top drinking horn.
Measures 10 to 12 inches across as sitting on table.
viking table top drinking horn
GEAR1-4 $200.00 Made to order. Ships within 2 weeks.

Viking/Celtic Drinking Horn
14 inch drinking horn featuring viking/celtic stylized animal motif
Interlace design leather straps and braided leather handle.
Has d rings to hang from a belt loop or clip.
Sealed and varnished exterior.
viking/celtic drinking horn with viking designs

Thor Hammer or Valknut Drinking Horn
Mead Drinkin Horn with Thor Hammer Belt holder.
Also available with a Valknut Holder. Stainless steel trimmed Horn with a leather belt
holder that doubles as a wall hanger too. Features a Thor Hammer or a Valknut.
Approx. 16 inches long.horn color will vary. Sealed and ready for your next drinkin binge.

Odin, Thor, Freyr, Tyr Drinking Horn with Holder
Drinking Horns with polished brass rim with Hail Odin or Hail Thor in runes twice around or plain, with brass tip.
Measures approx 16 inches minimum. Inside sealed for your
Mead Drinking pleasure.

Sterling Silver Trimmed
Norse Gods Tribute Custom Drinking Horns
sterling silver Valknut Drinking Horn sterling silver thor Drinking Horn

32inch Gods of War Viking Battle Sounding Horn
Huge measures approx. 32 inches long. Measured along curve/side.
Leather straps with Thor, Odin and Tyr as well as interlace design.Or your own custom runes see below
Can wear over shoulder to carry into your next skirmish or battle and sound the call to battle.
Gods of war viking battle horn

Viking Battle Sounding Horns Assorted Sizes.
Picture example of size difference.Small thru xl shown. Horn shape-twist/colors shades of tan to shades of black will vary as per beast.
viking battle horns many sizes

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