Viking Gear Gifts and Accessories 4
Asatru runic shot glasses / candles and gifts for Your longhouse Desk, Mantle and Dungeon.

Dragon Head shot glass.
black-ravens-asatru-candle allfather-asatru-candle 2

2 ravens(black in bronze and brass) - odin allfather brass
allfather-asatru-candle 2 pewter freyr-boar-asatru-candle

odin allfather pewter - freyr boar
all runes runic candles brass shield-knot-asatru-candle

Any rune. brass shown - shield knot
sleipner-asatru-candle tri-horn-asatru-candle
Sleipner - tri-horn
valknut-asatru-candle viking-ship-asatru-candle
Valknut - Viking-ship
Asatru runic Shot Glasses/Jigger/Candles.
Comes with a candle for dual purpose. Pewter, Brass or Bronze design. Approx. 3 inches
Choose design and metal from drop down menus. All runes offered. Just select All runes
and type rune choice in text box below.
GEAR4-1 $9.99

Enter Rune name or letter. Will convert to Elder.

Viking Bust Statue
Whether a gift for an office Viking or a big hairy brute Viking this astonishing
detailed Viking bust will make a fine addition to their Longhouse decor. This Viking Chieftain
measures approx. 5 inches high. Bronze powder coated polyresin with Italian marble base
bronze viking statue
GEAR4-2 $29.99

Full Size Skull
The perfect gift. It goes anywhere and with any decor. Measures over 6 inces long. Life size!
human skull
GEAR4-3 $10.00

Iron Leg Shackles
Approx. 36 inch Iron leg shackles. Ships to USA only.
Leg Shackles
GEAR4-4 $30.00

Iron Wrist Shackles
Iron Shackles.Measures 12 inches. Ships in USA only
viking slave shackles
GEAR4-5 $25.00

Metal Ball and Chain
Metal Ball and Chain. Ball measures approx. 8 inches.
Ships in USA only
ball n chain
GEAR4-6 $40.00

Warrior Jewelry
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