Viking-Gear Your name in runes buckles Nordic and Celtic Belts n Buckles 1
Pewter,Brass, Bronze, Ancient and Custom Runic Buckles.

Viking Belt Buckles For the Modern day Barbarians Heathens and Vikings.
New buckles are added regularly so stop back soon.
Wolf, Raven, Odin, Thor, Runes, Celtic, Symbols and more.

Thor in runes buckle
Shown is a 3 runes Thor in runes buckle.
Measures approx. 2.5 inches high. Fits all belts.
your name in runes custom rune belt buckles
BUCKLES1-1 $25.00

Rune Buckles
Choose your rune below.
Measures approx. 2.7 inches high.
rune runic futhark enameled belt buckles
BUCKLES1-2 $40.00
Select rune

Shield Knot Buckle
Pewter Shield Knot approx 3.2 inch.
Shield Knot Buckle
BUCKLES1-3 $18.00

Black Shield Knot Buckle
Pewter Black Shield Knot approx 3.2 inch.
black Shield Knot Buckle
BUCKLES1-4 $18.00

Big Valknot Belt Buckle
Measures approx 3 inches wide.
big real valKnot 3inch Buckle
BUCKLES1-5 $45.00

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