Assorted armour pieces.
Maille, Leather and steel.

Saxon Battle Jacket Armour
Leather and maille saxon body armor.
Heavy and thick black leather Saxon battle jacket armour. Maille (chain)
open half sleeves with Saxon in metal letters across upper back.
Has lace up front and fits up to an extra large.
Fur collar shown in one picture is not included.
leather and maille saxon battle jacket armourleather and maille saxon battle jacket armour2
ARMOR1-1 $220.00

Steel Maille Shirt w Coif
Galvanized Steel rings.
full galvanized steel viking maille shirt with coif
ARMOR1-2 $120.00

Steel Maille Coif
Galvanized Steel rings.
ARMOR1-3 $40.00

Steel Gauntlets with gloves. (hand armor)
One size fits all. Polished steel gauntlets hand armor attached to gloves.
steel full gauntlets gloves
ARMOR1-4 $40.00

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