Proud of your Viking Scandinavian Heritage and Culture? Are you a preserver and protector of your heritage and people? Then show it and wear your flag proudly. Viking gear has put to gether largest and best scandinavian heritage line west of the fiords. Flags in the language of our peoples. Danske Denmark, Sverige Sweden and Norge Norway. Gifts for everyone in your family.

danske full size flag tshirt

Huge Danske flag shirt and just happens to be the flag of My People Danske Danish flag apparel dark tshirts sweats and more apparel.
danske flag shirts tank tops

Large selection of danske flag apparel in many colors and styles. We have 3 versions we have the horizontal the verticle and the full red shirt with cross see below.
ladies red danish flag shirts and apparel

My favorite comes in ladies mens and kids sizes and 2 styles a horizontal cross shown and a verticle cros inside come on down!.
danish danske flag patches

More great ways to show off you danish heritage. Patches bumper stickers license plate keychains and the list goes on!.
danske flag drinking mead stein

No better way to tie one on than with a Danske Flag drinking stein. Unless of course its a Viking-Gear drinking horn of course.
danish flag blankets and bed spreads

Wrap yourself in the flag. The Danske flag that is, with this huge throw blanket to keep you nice and cozy.
sverige swedish flag full blue ladies shirt

Sverige Sweden flag ladies kids and mens apparel 2 styles in this shirt.
swedish chick panties

Dis you strike gold and got yourself a swedish chick? Than she will dig these and so will you with her in them.
sverige fag jewelry pendants

Sweden flag jewelry pendants earrings and accessories like wallets ladies hand bags iphone cases biz card cases and more. Check it out.
swedish flag bed spread

WOW how about that bed spread get the set with pillow cases and a buch more sverige flag home decor items a great way to jazz up your home and bedroom.
norge norway black tshirts

Got Norwegian Viking Heritage? Well we got you covered as well kinsman. A full apparel line in many colors and sizes for ladies men and kids of course.
mens balck norge apparel

Mens sample of one of the styles Norge cross apparel. Dont forget there are golf shirts denim jackets tanks and more and more!.
norway norge sterling silver pendants

Norge Norway flag jewelry sterling silver pendants earrings bracelets wallets handbags and other accessories and gifts.
flag of norway car license plate

Dispaly your heritage on your car with a bumper sticker magnet license plate or how about a key chain or how about a car flag. Now that is cool!

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