Scandinavian viking battle standards. Royal standards, sigurd hero and commemorative battle t shirts.

King Harolds of norway Battle standard landwaster 1060ce t shirt
king harold landwaster battle standard t shirt
TS10-1 $14.99

Viking battalion royal lion Battle standard t shirt
viking battalion battle standard t shirt
TS10-2 $14.99

Kings Olafs Battle standard burnt after his defeat by the pagans at the battle of Stiklestad tshirt
king olafs burning battle standard from stiklestad shirt
TS10-3 $14.99

Danish viking boars battle standard t shirt
danish boars battle standard shirt
TS10-4 $14.99

Swedish viking reindeer head battle standard t shirt
sweden battle standard shirt
TS10-5 $14.99

Danish king royal standard t shirt
Danish king royal standard t shirt
TS10-6 $14.99

Norse legion denmark and sweden t shirt
norse legion t shirt
TS10-7 $14.99

Sweden royal armoury standard t shirt
sweden royal armoury standard t shirt
TS10-8 $14.99

Note: Some designs are slightly enlarged for detail.

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